Mould (Mold) Remediation & Odour Removal - Clear away harmful mould contamination and restore air quality with our mould remediation service — a chemical process with minimal cleanup at a fraction of the price of soda or dry ice blasting. Also available, utilizing the PurAyr™ environmentally-safe process, Sodablast will completely deodorize common next-to-impossible-to-remove odours while drastically improving air quality by eliminating harmful particulate matter. Call us for a no obligation quotation.

Mould (Mold) FAQ

Mold is a type of fungi which feeds on materials like cardboard, wood, drywall and carpets, breeding via spores in wet areas. The root cause of mold are moisture problems that will need to be addressed before cleaning.

Odour Cleaning

Don't settle for lingering odours or suffer with bad air quality- get rid of fire, cigarette smoke, pet and other odours and harmful air contaminants. We specialize in residue-free surface and air decontamination that is safe to use on many materials to remove odours and purify air on-site.

House Inspection

Sodablast and our fully accredited service partners are pleased to offer before and after home inspection, reporting, cleaning and after air testing - all at very reasonable rates.

Floor Joists-Before Mold Remediation
Floor & Joists - Before Mould Removal
Floor Joists-After Mold Remediation
Floor & Joists - After Mould Removal

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