Marine Antifouling Removal & Boat Hull Restoration is your source for quick, environmentally sensible and cost effective blast removal of marine antifouling coatings in Southern and Central Ontario. Don't fight with harsh expensive chemicals, scraping, sanding or pressure washing for days on end to remove antifouling off your boat - let us blast it off!

Easy Clean Up

We offer both dry and wet (dustless style) blasting of antifouling. For smaller boats or boats on trailers we can do at our shop more cost effectively, for larger boats and those located in marinas we can utilize our wet system which reduces dust with minimal water making for easier containment and disposal.

Environmentally Friendly

Instead of using harsh chemicals we blast the boats which leaves a uniform matte finish and does not stain fibreglass.


Don’t spend hours sanding your boat! Some or our recent projects include a 14’ aluminum boat stripped in under 2 hours, and a 34’ cabin cruiser antifouling removal in under 5 hours.

We blast wet or dry. Our proprietary mist water injection system drastically reduces dust without massive amounts of water making for easier containment and disposal. The blasting will leave a uniform matte finish which is easily inspected for repairs. Any light osmosis on the hull surface will generally be opened up without gouging or damaging the boat.

For comparison: soda blasting is more expensive, dustier, and can stain fibreglass; dry ice blasting is too slow, and too expensive; chemicals are expensive, sloppy, can soften gelcoats and the debris is a pain.

Our rates are very reasonable and we do it right. We offer blasting only or at an additional cost we can install ground tarps. If in a marina environment we recommend having the boat located away from other boats if possible, talking to the marina owner ahead of time for permission, and letting them know we may need a garden hose hookup for water.

Remove unsightly fouling while saving time and money!
Get a great finish that's environmentally friendly

Service Area

We serve the entire Southern and Central Ontario Region including London, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto, Guelph, Oshawa and more.


Cost is dependent on the size, location, accessibility and amount of paint on the boat. Minimum hours, and conditions, may apply depending on the location of your boat, and whether it is situated anywhere except your own property. Remember, BOAT shouldn't have to stand for "Bust Out Another Thousand"! Your source for Mobile Media Blasting & Specialty Cleaning Services in Southern and Central Ontario.

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