Vapour Blasting

Clean, degrease and restore your automotive, aviation and industrial food grade parts with Vapour Blasting. - Restore your specialty automotive, motorcycle, ATV/snowmobile, aircraft and industrial food grade parts with vapour blasting. Vapour blasting is an environmentally friendly process that is extremely effective for cleaning and degreasing a variety of metals without warping or changing the dimensions of the part.

Types of Metals

Vapour blasting is effective on aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, brass and other non-ferrous metals and alloys. Vapor blasting works by using an abrasive (usually glass bead) in a water solution that is accelerated by compressed air and produces a very uniform soft closed surface finish that is clean and degreased.

Part Size

We have both dry and wet blast cabinet equipment and an automatic parts washer. At 48" x 42", our wet cabinet accommodates parts larger than our competitors.


Where other methods don't get the job done, or can damage the part, vapour blasting is well suited for aluminum motorcycle and automotive parts such as heads, intakes, transmission housings, brackets and wheels, as well as diesel engine components such as injection pumps, heads and pistons. It is also effective for removal of burrs from manufactured components.

Location & Rates

Our shop is located between Simcoe and Delhi in Southwestern Ontario. Ship your parts to us, drop them off, or, if time permits, we can blast while you wait! Shave hours off work time, here are some typical examples:

  • ATV engine case: 0.5-1hr
  • aluminum rim (clear coat previously removed): 1hr
  • V8 aluminum intake: 1hr
  • Two cylinder motorcycle engine including crankcase, side covers, heads, cylinders: 3hrs

Actual time required depends on the size and condition of the piece. The cleaner the part is when we receive it means less time for us, and bigger savings for you. If moving parts require disassembly or degreasing, this is done at our shop rate. We suggest having the piece completely cleaned and degreased with any silicone sealers, paint or clear coat removed to maximize your savings.

Contact us for pricing, or request an estimate.

Trade heavy grime and oxidation for a smooth clean satin finish on all your aluminum and stainless automotive parts

chevy big block parts after vapour blast cleaning
Chevy big block parts after vapour blasting
motorcycle forks after vapour blast cleaning
Motorcycle forks after vapour blast cleaning
motorcycle alumnimun side covers before and after vapour blast cleaning
Motorcycle side covers before (left) and after (right) vapour blasting
aluminum intake manifold before and after vapour blast cleaning
Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold during vapour blasting Your source for Mobile Media Blasting & Specialty Cleaning Services in Southern and Central Ontario.

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